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@petercrocemusic throwin some jams down b2b Danny Leone


Bubbles! Hottest spot in Ann Arbor. #behereorbesquare #bubbles

Badgrass fire hydrant. #nokilllikeoverkill #water

One of my favorite photos. Miss you grandpa. It’s been a crazy year.

Family. @woodsidedetroit #churchinthecity #churchonaunicycle (at Woodside Detroit)

Matchy matchy. @jedimacktheknife I think these glasses and headphones belong to you… (at Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company)

Zwick // Materialprüfung

Zwick. Materialprüfung.


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Cardoid. Yes. (at TV Lounge)

Set up, soundcheck, and rehearsal in 45 minutes. Love this team. @woodsidedetroit (at Detroit School of Arts)


Macarelleta beach, Menorca, Spain - by Orlando Henriques

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